5 Reasons Your Central Heating System Needs Power Flush

15 November, 2021 Boiler Service
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5 Reasons Your Central Heating System Needs Power Flush

A power flush is a strong cleansing process for a heating system or boiler that helps remove sludge, dirt, and debris. The system tends to get loaded with accumulated rubbish over time, if they are left in the heating system for a long time, they can cause corrosion, blockage, and even reduce efficiency.

What happens during a power flush process?

Using this special machine, a chemical circulates through the pipes, radiator, and boiler at quite high pressure. This removes any potentially obstructing deposits allowing the water to circulate throughout the system. The time span required for a power flush depends on the size of the system and the condition. A power flush takes about 8 hours, however, on some courses, it can take about 2 days or so. 

Why must you power flush your central heating system?

  1. New Boiler Installation: In case you have a new boiler installation, you must get a power flush. Build-up sludge and debris in the system can cause damage to your new boiler. It flushes out all the dirt and magnetite that may build up within the pipes and radiators affecting the performance of the boiler. To maintain the condition, if affected, you can hire our engineers for boiler repair in East London
  2. Prevent Potential Damage: With sludge and debris build-up in the central heating system can cause the aluminum leading the boiler to rot. This can be expensive and a power flush can help you save a lot of money by preventing any potential damage. 
  3. Cut Down on Heating Bills: You must have suffered the heavy bills with increasing fuel costs. Power flush helps a lot in saving your money on low energy bills by keeping the system as incredibly efficient as ever.
  4. Cold Spots: If you find cold spots on radiators, this may be caused by a build-up of sludge, dirt, and magnetite that cause corrosion and mites. The build-up tends to restrict the circulation of heat and water within the system, which is why you don’t get even heat distribution in the radiators. When left untreated, this leads to blockage and corrosion, causing heavy expenses.
  5. Noisy Heating System: Whenever you notice noise or unexplained sounds in your central heating system or pipes, it is an easy way for you to detect dirt and magnetite build-up in central heating. The noises are caused by the heating system or boiler struggling to handle debris and blockage.

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