5 Signs You Need New Boiler Installation Services in London

15 February, 2022 Boiler Installation

5 Signs You Need New Boiler Installation Services in London

Boilers are widely used household appliances. While they are meant to last for years, sometimes faults that go unnoticed can cause the heater to stop operating. A boiler breakdown is not only costly but also quite frustrating, especially in the harsh English winter. You may not know but certain failures can be dangerous to you as well as your family, if not treated at a time.

Over the past few years, boiler technology has improved leaving the older models simply unable to match the efficiency levels. You can find boilers with smart control features, excellent efficiency, safety options, and more. If you have a boiler with certain issues, it is unnecessary to buy a new boiler. You can call up our professional to get a commercial gas safety certificate in London. However, there are five signs that you should look out for that clearly alarms you need to purchase a new boiler:

  1. A Heater Is Taking Quite Long To Heat Up: Radiators or boilers sometimes end up taking hours to heat up, this is a clear sign that the boiler is now wearing out. Usually, when they are new or working perfectly, a boiler can reach the required temperature quickly. Slow speed means there is a cold spot or a blockage, call up boiler service to fix or buy a new one if the problem persists.
  2. Yellow Flame: When a boiler or heating system is burning, usually we see a blue-colored flame, which is a healthy sign. If the flame is yellow, it is a clear sign of leaking carbon monoxide. If you notice a yellow flame, call up a certified engineer immediately. In this case, most engineers recommend getting a new boiler.
  3. Strange Smell: A healthy boiler is odorless, so if you notice a strange or bad smell, it needs to be diagnosed. Call up a professional to check if it’s leaking or if the boiler is burning properly. There are different reasons for bad smell, a gas safe engineer can conduct the inspection and will let you know if you need a new boiler or if the parts can be replaced.
  4. Costly Energy Bills: If you notice rising energy bills then it is a clear sign of inefficiency. When the heating system starts to wear out or is getting old, it begins to lose its efficiency. Call up a registered and certified engineer who can conduct the ERP test and its efficiency without any hassle. They can be of huge help in replacing your boiler with an A-rated one.
  5. Boiler Keeps Shutting Down: In case you notice a sudden habit of switching off, it is your boiler trying to tell you that it is at low pressure or there is an issue in the pump. Well, consider getting a new one.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned earlier, call up our professionals at Touch of Heat for boiler installation services in London.