Boiler Breakdown? How to Know If You Need Emergency Boiler Repair Service

17 March, 2022 Boiler Installation

Boiler Breakdown? How to Know If You Need Emergency Boiler Repair Service

An emergency boiler repair may be required at any time. Boilers are sophisticated units of equipment that work longer hours during the harsh winter months, and you may run into issues with them from time to time.

Do not even worry; if you get your boiler serviced regularly, you’re already doing everything to avoid problems. Being informed and on top of minor concerns can go a long way toward preventing major problems from occurring.

This article contains reasons when you need emergency boiler repair service to assist you in acting swiftly and avoiding any future issues.

Water heating is slow or non-existent.

If the water from your hot water taps takes a while to boil, your boiler’s flow may malfunction. If your central heating system isn’t performing at its best, you might have an issue with your boiler. There may be a number of reasons why your water isn’t heating, so if you can’t figure it out, call a professional. Don’t leave your family in the cold when you can get emergency help.

Strange Smells

If your boiler is fuelled by gas, leaks may occur, and a gas leak is dangerous and therefore should be investigated promptly. If your boiler emits a rotten egg-like odour, contact a professional repair specialist straight once.

Your boiler is leaking gas if there are dark stains around the casing. Don’t put your family in danger by putting off calling a boiler repair professional!

Energy Costs are Excessive

Increases in your electricity costs that come out of nowhere could indicate that your boiler isn’t working properly. If your boiler is poor, it will need more fuel to provide the same quantity of heat as before. Consider replacing an older, inefficient boiler with a modern energy Star-certified unit.

Leaks of Water

Your boiler is malfunctioning if you detect moist areas around it or its plumbing. A leaking boiler is a penalty and a warning sign that a greater problem is on the way. A malfunctioning interior component frequently causes a water leak. Thus, the repair is ideal for London’s landlord gas safety certificate.

Strange Boiler Noises

Creaking noises from your boiler are one of the first signs that anything is wrong with your equipment. All boilers create a certain amount of noise that you’ll grow accustomed to overtime. If you hear outside of the ordinary noises, your boiler may have to be repaired.

Noises such as knocking, pounding, whistling, gurgling, and clunking indicate danger. A defective heating system, leaky tubes, defective motor, clogged system, or broken heat exchanger could all be blamed for these noises. If left ignored, these issues might wreak havoc on the whole heating element, making repairs prohibitively expensive.

In an emergency, who should you call?

Boilers are complex machinery that, if not used properly, can be dangerous to people’s lives. You must put your faith in any professional fixes. We at Touch of Heat, are more concerned with providing adequate services to our consumers than making money. Our heating specialists in East London provide the best emergency boiler repair service and heating installation services.