16 October, 2021 Gas Hob Installation


A gas hob is one of the most essential appliances for any home. Whether you are using a range or a built-in gas hob, the vitality of it cannot be denied. But what happens when it starts giving you a hard time? Without a properly-functioning cooktop, how are you going to make your favorite dishes? 

A broken stovetop can induce anxiety but we are here with solutions that you are in need of. If you are panicking because of a broken gas cooker, then this blog is curated just for you. Read along the sections to find out some of the most common problems associated with gas cookers and their easy fixes. Let’s begin: 

The Burner Doesn’t Light 

There can be a few possibilities that you need to inspect when your gas cooktop wouldn’t light. Normally, you hear a click and smell the gas when you switch on your cooktop. If either of the things do not happen, the issue could be either with the gas flow or the ignition switch. You can turn the appliance off and unplug it. Remove the grate and burner cap and get rid of loose food debris if any and check for any loose wires. If your gas cooker still doesn’t work, it is time to call in the professionals. You should connect with gas cooker installation East London to get your cooktop checked. 

Induction Element isn’t Heating 

If you use an induction cooktop and the cooktop isn’t heating, first of all, make sure that the pan you are using is induction-compatible. Most of the time, the vessels that are not induction compatible cause problems like this. But if you are using induction-friendly utensils and the problem still persists, you should call in experts for gas hob installation in North London who can rightly diagnose the issue and rectify it. 

Continuous Clicking of Gas Stove 

Clicking that comes while switching the gas stovetop on is completely normal. However, it gets problematic when it continues even after the burner is lit. In some cases, the continuous clicking even prevents the gas burner from lighting. You can check the burner cap if there is accumulated debris inside it that is blocking the holes of the burner. This can also be caused due to excessive moisture that can be cleaned with the help of toweling. If the problem still persists, we recommend you to call in gas cooker installation East London experts who can help in diagnosing the problem and finding the right fix for it. 

We hope this blog has helped you in understanding the common cooktop problems. For more informative blogs about gas hob installation, boiler repair, and maintenance tips, keep following this space. Touch of Heat is the leading gas hob installation service provider in London. We provide easy and quick assistance for heat installation and safety certificates.