12 October, 2021 Power Flushing Service
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If you have a boiler at home, you might have come across the term power flushing. A power flush is a deep cleaning process for your boiler which removes sludge, dirt, debris, and rust that may have accumulated over time in your system. You might have heard a lot of things about power flushing and we are pretty sure that not everything that you have heard is true. 

There are several misconceptions when it comes to Power Flush. In this blog, we have tried to debunk some of the very common myths associated with power flushing. Read along the blog to find out – 

Power Flushing Can be Carried Out on Your Own 

Are you sure that you are ready for the complexities of your boiler? The equipment, the procedure, and the configuration of each boiler differ and trying to handle it on your own is a big no-no. Unless you are an experienced professional yourself, you should not get into it. Let experts for power flush service in London handle the uniqueness of your boiler. 

Magnet Filters has the Same Function as a Power Flush 

Magnetic filters are effective but if your system is already clogged with debris and dirt, then these filters are of absolutely no use. It is a myth that magnetic filters have the same function as a power flush. While they can function effectively after a power flush to separate the magnetic debris but using that without a power flush is useless. 

Power Flushing Fixes Damages inside the System 

As we have already mentioned that power flushing is a deep cleaning process, there is no way it is going to repair any damage done due to blockages. When your is power flush service in London complete, the professional will identify any potential damages (if any) in the boiler on which attention is needed. This can be repaired later on. 

Replacing Your Boiler Means No Power Flushing Anymore 

If you have recently replaced your boiler, you might have heard from people that you might not need a power flush. This is highly incorrect as the moment your systems start running again, sludge and dirt continue to circulate. Yes, even in your new boiler! This is why power flushing is extremely essential even after the new installation of your new boiler. These are some of the very common myths associated with Power Flushing. If you have heard even one of these, we hope this blog has helped you in getting your facts right! If you are looking for a commercial gas safety certificate in London, visit Touch of Heat. We are the leading professionals for boiler repairs and installations in London, UK.