Essential boiler maintenance tips for homeowners

25 May, 2021 Emergency Boiler Repair, Services
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Essential boiler maintenance tips for homeowners

A gas boiler, as many might already know, is used for heating up water. The process involves pumping the circulated water in the pipe over a sequence of gas flames. As the water passes via the pipe over the flames, it is heated up. Similar is a lot similar to heating up water in a kettle. The water can be used for both purposes: providing hot water and central heating. 

Odds can be that your boiler is an expensive appliance that you own, if so, it is critical to take care of your boiler. In case of a sudden breakdown, you can call us for emergency boiler repair as we do not wish for you to suffer without the hot water- it is important to take good care of the boiler. 

This is why below we have listed top tips for boiler maintenance that homeowners can consider…

  • Get the boiler serviced annually: To keep the boiler working in the perfect condition, increase the lifespan, prevent any sudden breakdowns, or keep the bills quite low, it is important to get it professionally serviced annually. You may not realize but regular service needs to be carried out by a gas safe engineer to find and address even the smallest issue before they cause an expensive breakdown or any kind of inconvenience. 
  • Check the Boiler Pressure: In order to enable the water to circulate around the pipework and even radiators in the home should be set at the right pressure. It is important for you to check the pressure gauge to ensure that it is working at the precise level as per the manufacturer’s instructions for users. Now, if you don’t know the right pressure or how to set it at the right level, connect with one of our experts to help you take care of it in the best way. 
  • Bleed the radiator annually: Over a period of time, the air gets trapped in the radiators, these pockets of air prevent the radiator from heating up properly leaving cold patches, This is why it is essential for you to release the air by the bleeding process. Sometimes people tend to paint the radiator valves making them complex to adjust. If you fail to do so, feel free to connect with an engineer. 
  • Check the Problems: Often the radiators get hot at the top but stay cold at the bottom; it is actually a common issue. Mostly this happens due to debris and dirt built up over the period of time in the system. Not only this makes it difficult for the boiler to heat up your home but also results in inexpensive bills. 
  • Balance the radiator: In case the radiator is a little farther away from your boiler and is cooler than the ones near the boiler, it is important for you to balance them. You should know that it is not as simple as or similar to bleeding. 

Consider these maintenance tips to avoid breakdown, in case it happens, Touch of Heat’s team of certified engineers are here to help you with gas boiler repair service and installation services. Contact us!