All You Need To Know About Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

10 June, 2021 Landlord Gas Safety Certificate
Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

All You Need To Know About Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Gas safety certification is a necessary document which states that the gas appliances and pipework are according to the gas security standard. One has to take care of the renewal of the certificate every year and should opt for a qualified safety engineer to carry on the process.

A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is mandatory in London. The country keeps close tabs on it to be safe from the possibility of damage or explosion. The gas safety act is something that has been going on since 1998. The standard Gas Safety And Regulations law assert that the safety certificate can only be dispensed by a safety engineer listed with the gas safety department.

Living in a property that hasn’t been certified by the gas safety department is recognised as illegal in London. To live or rent a place legally, one has to get their landlord gas safety certificate and renew and reiterate the process every year.

Why do you need a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

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One needs a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate to confirm that the gas appliances and objects are thoroughly tested for safety and protection. The certificate can also be required on multiple inspections. One needs to renew the license each year to keep their record up-to-date.

The inspection also keeps one safe from any feasibility of damage and explosion while keeping routine checks on one’s gas system.

What appliances and objects are included in the inspection?

In a routine gas certification procedure, these are the appliances and objects that are generally tested! –

Boilers –

There are different kinds of boilers using natural and artificial gas. These are generally used for heating the water and can come in various types for diverse purposes. There are various boiler installation services in London which one can contact for boiler services.

Fireplaces –

It’s always helpful to check the fireplace as it is where the most damage comes. These appliances use a lot of gas and need a safety check before operated.

Furnaces –

People look through a lot of choices before choosing a furnace for their homes. Natural gas furnaces are generally more common than artificial ones!

Lightings –

The lighting of the house is one of the primary objects that operate with gas. All of the home lighting systems, outside or, inside are usually connected through one source of gas!

Air Conditioners –

The conditioning in the house, including the thermostat, is usually connected to gas! The system needs to get inspected before operation.

Apart from these, heating grills, fire pits and dryers are also some of the most common appliances which are connected to gas!

What are the benefits of the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

These are some of the benefits you will get by obtaining a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate! –

  • The regulation and inspection keep one safe from explosion and damages.
  • It helps in keeping a routine check on their appliances.
  • It helps in being on the safe side of the law!
  • It takes care of the repair of any appliance or object!
  • By routine checks and repairs, it increases the life expectancy of the appliances and objects.