Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Safety Certificates

11 April, 2022 Gas Safety Certificate in London

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Safety Certificates

A gas safety certificate is one of the most important duties all landlords have to perform while renting out a property. It is an essential requirement as, without a gas safety certificate, you could be putting your tenant’s life at risk and become liable for either a fine or six months in prison. Apart from this, if you do not provide your tenants with a copy of the certificate, it will get difficult to get them to leave the property when you need them to. 

Understanding the rules of a gas safety certificate in central London is usually a big concern for numerous people when they rent a home. And, we at Touch of Heat get plenty of questions on this issue. To help you understand the responsibilities associated with gas safety certificates, we have compiled some of the frequently asked questions- 

What is a landlord gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate refers to a report received by a landlord once the inspection of gas appliances and flues on the property has been completed by a Gas-registered engineer. The report comprises the results of the check conducted and any remedial action the landlord will be required to take in order to make the property safe. 

What are my responsibilities as a Landlord for gas safety? 

As per the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, landlords are required to ensure that all gas appliances, fittings, chimneys and flues are safe to use and work efficiently. As a landlord, you must fulfil three main responsibilities in this area- 

  1. Gas Safety Check- You need to organise a gas safety check at the rented property and it must be carried out by a Gas-Safe registered engineer. 
  2. Gas Safety Record- you must provide your tenant with a copy of the gas safety certificate, also called the gas safety record, within 28 days of the check or when they move into the property. 
  3. Maintenance- You must organise all the essential maintenance required to ensure that pipework, chimneys, appliances, and flues are kept in a safe condition. 

What do you mean by CP12?

A gas safety certificate is also referred to as CP12, i.e. Corgi proforma 12. This is the previous name of the certificate when Corgi was the registration body for gas engineers. It was then replaced by the Gas Safe Register in 2009. 

What does a gas safety inspection include?

A gas safety inspection will consist of an assessment of all gas systems and appliances such as gas supply, gas boiler, and gas fires.

The gas engineer will –

  • Check all the appliances for tightness and compliance with safety regulations
  • Make sure the property has sufficient ventilation
  • Check the gas pressures and the burner against the data of the manufacturer
  • Check the flow of flue to ensure the removal of combustible products
  • Monitor the working and standing gas pressure
  • Check if the safety devices are working 

What is the validity of a gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate in central London lasts for 12 months. Therefore, you need to arrange for a gas safety check at any time from 10 to 12 months after the last check. 

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