Struggling with Boiler Troubles? Improve Your Boiler Efficiency with Few Tweaks!

2 May, 2021 Heating Engineers, Services
Boiler Installation Service in London

Struggling with Boiler Troubles? Improve Your Boiler Efficiency with Few Tweaks!

A boiler is an integral part of your home, it’s extensively used to provide hot water and heat. The warm and cosy environment that we enjoy during freezing weather is all because of our boiler. The boiler’s optimal functionality is critical to make our home cosy. When a boiler breaks down, the household electricity costs can skyrocket, forcing you to invest more money into the repairing task.

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to boost your boiler’s performance. Here are some changes you might want to take into account:

  • Annual Boiler Service – Annual services are important; they give you a heads up, in case something needs repair; thereby saving both, time and money spent on major damages. An annual boiler service when carried out by a trained heating engineer helps avoid any future appliance breakdown and failure at the time of use. 
  • Clean the Boiler – Dust-free is the way to be. Check for dust and clean it occasionally. This will ensure your pipes and tubes don’t block, sparing you from spiked energy bills. Be sure to get an experienced Heating engineer to take care of your boiler. 
  • Check Radiators and Pressure Regulators – Bleeding needs maintenance. Simply fire up the heat setting and keep a watch on the time it takes to warm up the room. Boiler pressure gauge assessment is also very important; healthy pressure is about 1.0 to 1.5 bar. 
  • Insulation – Insulate your pipes, so your boilers won’t have to work too hard to work efficiently. To insulate you can use foam tubes; these are easy to fit and hassle-free to use. This one act will save you money and also reduce heat loss.
  • Heat Setting– When left for a while, the boiler would stop heating. This is a functionally important step since prolonged working hours of the boiler can lead to a major breakdown. In warm weather, be sure to switch on your heating once for a few minutes. This will keep your boiler in working condition and functional. 

Seek Help from a Professional Heating Service in London

If your boiler is still acting up, even after you’ve tried all these tweaks, you should consult a reliable service provider that offers professional heating service in London. We, at Touch of Heat, are seasoned experts in boiler operation, boiler construction, and boiler repair and all the other related tasks. We have the best heating engineers in East London. Don’t ignore heating issues at home; what may seem like a harmless issue, could turn fatal, if not treated! Get in touch with us, and we shall get back to you at the earliest possible.