What are the Possible Types of Leaks in a Boiler?

13 April, 2021 Emergency Boiler Repair, Services
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What are the Possible Types of Leaks in a Boiler?

Is your boiler leaking water? What should you do? Boiler leakage can cause some serious health hazards, if not taken seriously. A qualified Gas Safe Engineer must be contacted immediately. Here’s a quick guide to identifying the boiler leakage problem and the relevant action.

Why is my boiler leaking Water?

First things first, why would a boiler leak water if it is in its optimum operational state? Leakage is a clear indication that something is not right, here are some possible reasons for the leak:

  • A high or low-pressure system can be a matter of concern.
  • Damage to the heat exchanger.
  • Troubles with the joints that connect piping to the boiler
  • The system is old and needs boiler servicing.

What are the types of Leaks and their Source?

  • Is the water leaking from the bottom?

“My boiler is leaking water from the bottom?”, this is a common concern of most customers. The reason behind this leak could be in the heating pump or a fault in the pressure release valve, or sometimes it can be due to heater exchange corrosion. To know the exact reason you must call an emergency boiler repair service provider, so the hit-and-trial could be put to rest and the exact cause could be known.

  • Is my heat exchanger cracked?

Condensate pipe dripping could point towards a crack in the heat exchanger. This issue could lead to the mains water draining into the condensate pipe and the hot water could be the reason for failure at the pipe joints. This issue can be resolved with a new heat exchanger.

  • Is a leaking combi Boiler dangerous?

Combi system or a pressure relief valve usually suffers leakage due to high pressure in the system. another possible reason could be incorrect valve sealing. To fix a combi boiler leaking trouble one must contact a Gas Safe Engineer.

  • Can a heating Engineer repair my Boiler?

A heating engineer’s scope of work is focused exclusively on heating tasks in residential and industrial premises rather than operating across many disciplines. As a result, you must contact a heating engineer rather than a plumber, as they might be more acquainted with your issue.

Heating engineers are boiler maintenance specialists who are adept at handling the task of adding new boilers, repairing broken boilers, operating new gas lines, fixing gas leakages, and installing heating controls.

Touch of Heat: Heating Engineers in East London

Gas Safe Engineers handle the task of repairing broken boilers. No matter how small the task may appear, a leak can become hazardous if not addressed immediately. We, at Touch of Heat, offer emergency boiler repair service undertaken by our Gas Safe Engineers. If you are looking for Heating Engineers in East London, feel free to contact us and discuss your trouble with our expert. An expert will reach your location at the earliest possible. Don’t put off until tomorrow that you should address today!