What is the need for a Landlord gas Safety Certificate in London?

24 February, 2021 Gas Safety Certificate in London
Catering Gas Safety Certificate in London

What is the need for a Landlord gas Safety Certificate in London?

A gas safety certificate is one of the important documents that landlords will need, for protecting their tenants and for complying with the law. It is one of the top duties for a landlord to keep it up to date with inspection and provide a record to the tenant when renting the property out. The rules of landlord gas safety certificate might seem complex but with the proper expertise, you can understand the importance and can receive one.  

To help one understand this concept in a better way, this post will be of huge help. Now, let’s understand what is it? When does one should carry it out? What are one’s responsibilities? And what is the need for a landlord or commercial gas safety certificate in London

What is A Gas Safety Certificate?

The landlord’s gas safety certificate is earned once a Gas safe-registered engineer conducts an inspection on the gas appliances on the property. The report is received as a result of the inspection and any remedial action that one needs to consider or take to ensure property safety.

When Does This Should Be Conducted?

Since it is mandatory by the law, a landlord is supposed to provide a gas safety certificate or check to the tenant within 28 days of moving. Many landlords provide a 12-month contract, a gas safety check that should be carried out when the property is absolutely vacant or in-between tenants. In case you have the property upon short-term rental, you need to keep a copy of the certificate in the property. You need to have this inspection conducted annually and must keep the copy for at least two years.

What Are Landlord’s Responsibilities for Gas Safety?

As per the gas safety regulations 1998, one needs to make sure that all gas appliances, chimneys, fittings, and whatnot works efficiently and are safe. Below listed are the three major responsibilities that one needs to take care of in this area…

  • GAS SAFETY CHECK: You need to conduct an annual gas safety check that should be handled or done by a gas safe-registered engineer. Being professionals, they will be inspecting all appliances on the property paying close attention, and will provide you a gas safety certificate.
  • GAS SAFETY RECORDS: A copy of the gas safety certificate is often known as a gas safety record, you need to provide this to your tenant within 28 days of them moving into the property.  
  • MAINTENANCE: Organize and carry out the needed maintenance to make sure that all the gas appliances, pipework, chimneys, and everything are working efficiently and in a safe condition. It is advised to have an expert gas safe-registered engineer on board to handle this inspection.

If you are a landlord, it is legally essential for you to receive a certificate annually for all the pipework, gas appliance, and more on your property. Contact the best company to receive Landlord Gas Safety Certificate in London.